Around this time last year, I met flinc founder and Head of Product Michael Hübl for lunch. flinc is on a mission to enable mobility through better utilization of existing resources, and at the time they were finalizing a funding round with GM and DB for building out their app for sharing shorter-distance rides.

Michael and I “clicked” instantly, and I met most of the (then 15 or so strong) flinc team two days later. At flinc, the team has the last word in hiring new teammates, and everyone is encouraged to raise concerns or veto candidates outright. That afternoon, I got a call that the team had green-lighted me.

The next morning, I joined flinc as a freelance UX designer at 50% — and a year on, I’m still there! I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Michael and a top-notch product team, and also happy that I am considered an integral part of the team, despite my part-time/freelance contract.

I have learned a ton over the last year, and I plan to share my lessons here over the next months.