I make products that help people get things done in their work and personal life, and that are nice to use. There’s already enough crappy products in the world, and I don’t want to add to the pile.

Since January 2010, my professional focus has been Mac, iPhone and iPad apps. It is one of the finest platforms to create great software. And much like a musician’s “first” instrument, the Mac and iOS platforms allow me to put my passion into practice.


I help select clients create world-class products as a UX designer. I’ve most recently worked as a UX lead on

  • flinc, Germany’s leading ridesharing app for everyday rides
  • one of the world’s best banking apps for iPhone and iPad

My past clients include established companies in Germany and Sweden as well as promising startups from Brooklyn to Brisbane.

Limited availability for contract work – send inquiry


I offer custom-tailored workshops (1-5 days) on value proposition design, design thinking, lean UX, customer journey mapping, user testing, and full-fledged design sprints. I have run workshops on these topics in Germany, Stockholm, and New York – in English, German, and Swedish.

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UX Advisor

For startups and product teams, I offer advisory guidance on product design on a monthly retainer.

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Over the years, my focus has shifted from creating good code to creating good user experiences and to creating good businesses. While good code and good UX are important, ultimately they rely on solid value propositions and business models to be viable.

I strive to build a sustainable business with my own products. Along the way, I share the joys and frustrations of running a one-man product business with my meetup group in Frankfurt.

Gemba - drag and drop git for designers

My most recent products address the designer/developer collaboration process. Gemba for Mac lets designers drag-and-drop assets straight into git repositories. Placeholders lets developers create stand-in assets while they wait for pretty assets from their designers.

Trash Cam

Taking an app all the way – from idea and value proposition design, via interaction design and coding, to launching and marketing – has taught me immensely. My earlier apps (circa 2012–13) have been featured by Apple and are still garnering 5-star reviews on the App Store:

“A wonderful app - intuitive interface”, “This really is an excellent App! Very useful”, “Works great and has a simple minimalistic design that I found very easy to use!”


I don’t call myself “cosmopolitan” or “polyglot” (how pretentious), but others sometimes do. Probably because I haven’t been good at deciding on where I want to live and have lost track of which languages I still actively speak. Or maybe it’s because every now and again I surprise friends in SF, London or Bangkok with “hey I’m gonna be in your city next week got a sofa for me” e-mails. I’m currently based in Frankfurt.


I like eating and speaking with the locals when traveling, enjoy the pensive simplicity of week-long hikes, play ultimate frisbee and sometimes I brew beer. I also appreciate fine typography and good coffee.

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Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github. Or e-mail hello@yangmeyer.de.