Yesterday, I boarded a plane in Frankfurt and kicked off another half-year of vagabonding, which will take me to Indonesia, England, New York, and finally Stockholm, before (hopefully) settling in in Frankfurt in July.


I will be spending the next few weeks in Indonesia, visiting friends and family as well as remotely wrapping up a client project and perhaps a few relaxing days on the beach.

Next are Winchester (family) and Leicester (NSConf, a conference for app developers) in England. After that there is 3 weeks in New York to experience the city in the spring and to see the many friends and acquaintances that I feel lucky to have met last summer.

And finally in April I am rejoining my girlfriend in Stockholm, where I intend to live for three months.

(Shoot me up if you’re reading this and want to meet up somewhere along my route.)

But why?

I worked on a very enjoyable client project for the past few months, working with some really good, passionate, and fun people. So on the face of it, why leave (after finishing the remaining couple weeks)?

Well, a big part of why I went freelance last year is that I found it hard to juggle my full-time employee existence (what some would call my ”work”) with creating my own stuff (my “hobby”), which demand more time and dedication than weekends, evenings, and vacation can sustainably offer.

There are a number of smallish app ideas for solving common itches that have been popping around in my head, and I plan to bring at least one of them to fruition over the summer.

So there you have it: I do freelance work partly for the freedom to work on my own projects, and that is why I am taking a short break in full-time freelancing.

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