I am back in Europe after three amazing months in New York, where I met so many wonderful people and fed off the pervading sense of creative hustle.

I have decided to become a freelancer, helping others create the iOS apps they envision.

I am building up my base of operations in Frankfurt and hope to create some wonderful things with clients in New York, Berlin, Stockholm, or anywhere in the world.


Some of the hopes I have for my freelance venture:

  • I have always worked on my own projects on the side, and I believe that as a freelancer I am more flexible to do client projects as well as my own.
  • There is so much happening in the mobile tech space right now. It fascinates me what awesome ideas others are coming up with, and I’d love to help bring these to fruition.
  • I look forward to doing projects with different groups of talented people, in different cities of the world.

Here’s to the Future

Check out my portfolio page, my Github repos, and my apps, and get in touch if you’re interested in working with me.