After a few “journeyman years” in New York and Stockholm, life has brought me back to Frankfurt, where my journey began.

Since I got back, it’s been wonderful to find a startup and indie community organically forming around co-working spaces and all kinds of meetup groups (e.g. for startup founders, nighttime coders, CocoaHeads).

Gemba - drag and drop git for designers

Over the past year, I’ve created Gemba, a professional Mac app that streamlines the asset delivery/integration process between designers and developers: Designers drop assets into Gemba, which sanity-checks the assets for common problems, puts them in the right place, and pushes them to a Git repository.

While I worked on the product and the business all by myself, I received valuable advice, motivation, and inspiration from fellow micropreneurs.1 I didn’t find a suitable forum for sharing the joys and challenges of starting a sustainable “micro-business”, so I started Micropreneurs am Main. 30+ micropreneurs have already found the group, and I’m excited to meet some of them at our first meetup next week!

  1. I like to think I gave some back, too. :-)