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Today, I am releasing “Delighted!” v1.1, an update to the professional-contacts app that I first released in March after conceiving and implementing the app in just under a week.

This update is all that version 1.0 should have been:

  • It’s free.
  • It’s polished.
  • It’s personalizable.

It’s free

“Delighted!” relies fundamentally on you changing your habits. When you meet someone new, you must remember to use the app – instead of handing out your business card, sending an email right there, using Bump etc, or firing up the Contacts app.

I want you to use the app and derive value from it. If you don’t, I don’t deserve your money; if you do, however, perhaps you might be happy to pay a couple bucks. Therefore, you can use the free version for a generous ten events before being prompted to unlock the full version.

(Of course, if you paid for the app outright, you get the full version automatically. To make sure this works, run version 1.0.1 once before updating to version 1.1.)

It’s polished

With this update, I’ve fixed minor bugs, e.g. a wrong title font after composing followup emails; auto-correction was enabled for names.

Also, I have refined the visual appearance. The colors are more balanced, and the bottom bar got a proper gradient background. Hey, the app even got a proper icon!

Perhaps more importantly, I have optimized performance so that the app should now run noticeably more smoothly.

It’s personalizable

Version 1.1 introduces integration with your Contacts (Address Book) and cusomizable follow-up templates.

Point the app to your Address Book card, and have the follow-up templates sign off with your name, or include your vCard in follow-up emails.

The follow-up templates let you use different stylistic voices when writing to different people, e.g. casual or formal. Choose a template by long-pressing a contact’s email or tweet icon. With the full version, you can edit the tweet and email templates and add as many as you like.

Feedback and encouragement

I am on the fence whether the valuable feedback that I got from 1.0 was worth having put out an initial release that didn’t live up to my own standards. Most people were too polite to criticize the app, but my interpretation of the feedback might be summed up as: “You’re on to something, but the implementation is lacking.”

For me, this is ample encouragement to further pursue the problem of exchanging contact details and following up with professional contacts. Stay tuned by following @Delighted_App on Twitter.

Try it out

“Delighted!” v1.1 sports the level of refinement that I wished I had shipped in version 1.0. Give it a try and get “Delighted!” now, for free.

Let me know what you think, and please rate it on the App Store if you like it.