My latest app creation, Delighted! – “great to meet you” has hit the App Store.

You meet so many interesting people all the time, often at conferences, meetups, or on vacation. Instead of exchanging business cards or doing fancy stuff like Bump’ing phones against each other, I usually just send a one-line e-mail and continue the conversation.

This is the usage pattern around which Delighted was designed. I like to call “Delighted!” a non-revolutionary, low-tech solution to exchanging contact information, keep track of whom who met at what occasion, and to follow up on them.

Fortunately, my ridiculous plan of producing the app in just two days and having Apple approve the app within a week (thanks!) just before NSConf worked out fine. I’ve been using “Delighted!” myself today.

There are a number of “obvious” features that I couldn’t fit into the, uh, ambitious timeframe. I am already working on them. Get the app now, and you’ll get the updates as soon as they’re ready.

Please let me know your comments and suggestions at @yangmeyer (Twitter or ADN) or just mention @Delighted_App directly.